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We are Germany's only 100% independent Trading Desk. We offer marketers cutting-edge programmatic solutions that are proven to drive superior ROI. We concentrate on the essentials, which are the design and optimization of RTB campaigns. Because despite all the automation developments, we believe that the decisive factor for the success of a campaign is real craftsmanship and constant questioning.


We create outstanding results for our clients

Case Study
In the highly competitive market for term deposits, we successfully drove awareness and generated new customers for SavingGlobal / Raisin through look-alike modeling and continuative strategies.
Case Study
The target group for consumer credits is hard to identify and grasp via display advertising. We achieved to reach new customers for SWK Bank with custom targets at a very ambitious revenue to cost ratio.
Case Study
Slow conquered the market as a young company with initially little awareness and a product whose visual features were difficult to communicate. Sales went big through a clever campaign-setup with large ad formats.
Case Study
In order to optimize ROAS (return on advertising spend) and to increase absolute return via prospecting, Roller chose to cut back various traffic suppliers and shifted the entire media plan towards RTB centrally.
As a globally successful fashion retailer, we at C&A demand a very performance-driven and professional approach towards programmatic display from our external partners. adlicious has proven to meet these standards and we are very excited to enter into a long-lasting relationship with them.

adlicious is the first company with whom we have worked on a CPA basis for our video campaigns successfully. They demonstrated their optimization capability in different markets impressively.
adlicious has understood the needs of DISCAVO and supported us in achieving our display marketing goals. What‘s more, adlicious convinces with high-quality advice as well as direct and uncomplicated communication.


Our Team

Aleksandra Aceska
Account Specialist
Daniel Skoda
Managing Partner
David Lange
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Dmitrij Propp
Head of Data & Analytics
Stanislav Tananin
Analytical Account Specialist
Tatsiana Kirpichnik
Creative Specialist
Viktor Eichmann
Co-Founder & Managing Director

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