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Costum Solutions for you
Custom Solutions for you
Custom Solutions for you
Custom Solutions for you
Custom Solutions for You
Custom Solutions for you
Custom Solutions for you
Custom Solutions for you
Custom Solutions for you
Custom Solutions for you
Custom Solutions for you
Custom Solutions for you
Custom Solutions for You
Custom Solutions for you
Custom Solutions for you
Custom Solutions for you
Custom Solutions for you

Media Services at a Glance

Our media approach allows us to create outstanding campaign setups. Here is a glimpse of what we offer.

Display Solutions
Display Solutions
Digital Video
Audio Advertising
Social Media

Unlock the power of data-driven prospecting with our advanced targeting solutions. We create data-driven premium creatives that enables a personalized user experience.

  • Maximum scalability through automated processes
  • Dynamic options for many elements of the ad including product data,
    weather data, geographical data and more
  • Optimal for addressing a heterogeneous target group

Maximize your brand's visibility with In-Banner Video!
Our cost-effective solution draws more attention to your brand in the Display environment, creating a strong branding effect.

  • Strong branding effect
  • Offers lower costs in relation to other video formats
  • Perfect for extending existing video campaigns
    into the display enviorment

Drive-to-Store Ads provide an unbeatable combination of a customer's digital journey and their stationary shopping experience. With our location-based navigation to the nearest POS, you can easily drive your target audience to your stores, events venues or retail partners.

  • User location-based navigation to the nearest POS
  • High Usability - map navigation just one click away
  • Measurable footfall traffic increase
Phone Mockup of a Display Ad, including a video trailer and a map to your closest cinema

Innovatively promote movies with adlicious Drive-to-Cinema Ads. Easily guide movie fans to the theaters that play your films. Users can purchase tickets with just one click or be navigated directly to the nearest cinema partner. That's the way of innovative movie advertising.

  • High usability: user location-based navigation to the nearest cinema
  • High awareness through integration of the film trailer
  • Measurable footfall traffic increase

Reactivate your customers' interest in your product and service with Data-driven Retargeting! Our proprietary technology allows us to engage with your interested users in a personalized way, providing higher conversions through aesthetically pleasing templates.

  • Reactivation of shown brand interest
  • Full-funnel coverage in combination with our data-driven prospecting
  • Aesthetic templates despite the common retargeting ads

Take advantage of YouTube's wide reach and granular targeting to distribute your ads without scattering losses.

  • Channel is widely used across all demographics
  • Wide variety of formats for different marketing goals
  • Proven more efficient ROAS compared to linear TV
A TV mockup

ATV combines the best of both worlds - online advertising and linear television. We'll air your ads during your target group's favorite show at highly competitive prices, offering you a cost-effective alternative to classic TV advertising.

  • Considerably cheaper than classic TV advertising
  • National and regional targeting
  • Highly accepted advertising format

Maximise your reach and engagement with online video ads in premium environments.

  • Audio-visual user targeting on premium environments
  • Placement of instream and outstream ads
  • High user interaction with video content

For video-on-demand, we identify the best channels for your advertising goals and target group, offering various advertising formats with high acceptance.

  • Availability of relevant VoD channels such as Joyn or RTL+ (Germany) or hulu (US)
  • Exclusive channel rights offer outstanding targeting options

Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH)

DOOH advertising allows you to place your brand in high-traffic touchpoints. Our proprietary technology makes dynamic advertisements possible, based on secondary data such as weather, location and much more.

  • Reach users via large-scale digital screens e.g. in pedestrian zones, subways and airports
  • Short-term adaptations for e.g. promotion weeks possible
  • Scalable delivery of data-dependent personal messages
a phone screen mockup showing an audio screening service

Spotify Audio Ads

Get your message heard with audio advertising!
Our audio ads offer you the chance to promote your brand through an auditory storytelling experience.

  • Place your audio ad within user-specific audio content, so you can reach your target audience with maximum attention
  • Granular addressing of users while they listen to their favorite playlist/podcast
  • Further visual approach through companion ads on the listener's device

Non-linear TV Spots (CTV)

Put your brand on the big screen with CTV and get the most out of your advertising budget. Our non-linear TV ads provide most competitive prices and maximum impact.

  • Multiple targeting options and low scattering losses, in a cost-effective way.
  • Audio-visual user addressing takes place during or before reception of favorite content
  • In addition to Youtube, other channels such as Netflix, hulu or DAZN can also be adressed via CTV
A laptop and phone screen showing SEA search results.


Put your brand in the spotlight with SEA!
Our tailored keyword targeting ensures maximum lower-funnel activation, driving more online traffic to your website.

  • Take your brand to the top of search engine results
  • Channel is widely used across all socio-demographic classes
  • Pushes especially users with a buy intent to your website

Tap into the power of social media with our social ads! Our social ads provide the perfect platform to bring your brand and users closer together.

  • Addressing users during their daily routine
  • High format diversity: feed, story, carousel ad, etc.
  • Each channel has its very own target audience

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok,
Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitch, LinkedIn, Xing

Unlock the potential of Influencer Marketing!
With our experience, we can identify the perfect influencers to match your brand identity and values.

  • Influencers have a high level of credibility within their communities
  • Get your product and service to your target audience in an native environment
  • Variety of channels available for influencer promotions, e.g. Instagram, TikTok or Twitch

Retail Media

Unleash the full potential of your brand and trade marketing partners through innovative digital advertising strategies for retail media with adlicious. Our unique formats transform digital impressions into physical interactions at the point-of-sale:

  • Dynamic DOOH: Increase sales and create new touchpoints for your weekly offers. Use personalized messages dynamically placed in public areas and strategically located near your retail stores.
  • Display flyer ads with drive-to-store: Turn your analog print flyers into digital flyer ads with Google Maps integration to drive customers to your stores for more footfall traffic. In addition to offers from promotional weeks, individual products – such as product launches – can also be effectively promoted through a mix of video and drive-to-store integration. Alternatively, flyer ads can be used to drive customers directly to your online store and push sales.
  • YouTube/CTV: From analog prospects to aesthetic animated videos – with our CTV flyer ads you can reach your target audience directly on TV in the living room via bumper and instream ads.

TV Advertising

We deliver a form of linear TV advertising that sets new standards in targeting and advertising efficiency.

  • Strong data basis for planning due to a device-based panel of n=1,000,000. Classic TV planning draws on a household-based panel of n= >5,400.
  • Second-by-second measurement enables precise capture of advertising pressure and identification of the ideal advertising units for the respective target groups.
  • Independent TV planning takes place across demographics
How Does media Work best?
How Does media Work best?
How Does media Work best?
How Does media Work best?
How Does media Work best?
How does media work best?
How Does media Work best?
How Does media Work best?
How Does media Work best?
How Does media Work best?
How Does media Work best?
How Does media Work Best?
How Does media Work best?
How Does media Work best?
How Does media Work best?
How Does media Work best?
How does media work best?
How Does media Work best?
How Does media Work best?
How Does media Work best?
How Does media Work best?

Spice It up with
Creative Services

adlicious is your strategic and operational partner for the creation of digital content that will truly captivate your target audiences.

Creative Concept Development,
Implementation & Adaptation

We create ideas that grab attention, drive awareness, and help you reach your goals across the funnel. Our approach to digital advertising is rooted in data and inspired with creativity, ensuring your ads stand out in the digital space.

HTML 5 Display Ads:
Animated & Interactive

Make the most of your display advertising with HTML5. Activate the potential of your campaigns with eye-catching animations and interactive elements. Our in-house tech-lab allows us to integrate almost any feature you can think of into your display ads, from personalization and videos to gamification, Google Maps, chat-bots and more.

Content Production:
Video Ads, Product Shots, Copywriting

Do you want to increase your reach and engage your audience? We are here to help you create content that will capture their attention and drive results. From concept to completion, we create stunning visuals and compelling copywriting that will make your campaigns stand out. Our team of professionals can produce video ads, product shots, and copywriting to help you reach your goals.

Our Proprietary Ad Tech

Data-driven Ads
for Display, Video and DOOH

Our innovative ad technology allows you to create personalized brand experiences by integrating real-time data into your ads. Take advantage of the 3 benefits that our tech offers:

  1. Customize your ads in realtime to present more relevant content to your target audience.
  2. Get ready for the cookieless advertising future by building a full-funnel customer journey that doesn't rely on third party cookies.
  3. Automate your marketing processes with our tech to increase your efficiency.
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