Photograph of beautiful white cat from a Miamor online advert

Miamor Case Study: Successful increase in brand awareness through efficient digital branding flights

The Miamor brand is in an intensely competitive environment. In order to successfully meet this challenge, a comprehensive campaign was developed with the aim of achieving a sustainable increase in brand awareness in the defined target group.

The focus was on addressing the target group specifically and without wastage via various digital channels. The campaign relied on media libraries, YouTube and contact class optimization using in-banner video display ads. Over a period of ten weeks, targeted cat owners were reached with the ads. The targeting strategy combined various parameters such as demographic characteristics, interests, shopping data and contextual keywords and was convincing due to its granularity.

The campaign produced impressive results — a net reach of 84.1 percent was achieved, with more than four average contacts per person being identified. This not only underlines the effectiveness of the selected channels, but also the high response within the target group. The significant increase in brand awareness within the target group is particularly pleasing — the increase achieved as a result of the campaign is 24.8 percent. These results prove that a well-thought-out and precise digital branding strategy is able to achieve the desired goals in a highly competitive environment.

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