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3D Ads: adlicious Brings Advertising Into the Third Dimension

Watch or experience — what stays in your mind longer?

An exciting Internet trend is conquering the advertising world: 3D ads. Whether it's oversized products that fly at the viewer, digitally enhanced sights or XL sneakers running down a skyscraper — there are already plenty of videos of 3D ads circulating online, in particular crazy fake out-of-home (FOOH) campaigns. They are creatives who not only show brands and their products, but also make them tangible by involving the viewer and the entire environment in the advertising message. This makes 3D ads catchy, tangible and allows them to generate a high level of attention.

With an in-house 3D department and many years of experience in this area, we are pleased that 3D is becoming so important in the advertising industry. adlicious is not only following the trend, but is also helping to shape it, because we are going even further: 3D ads not only work on large digital out-of-home screens, but can also be played out on display, social media and video channels such as YouTube. In this way, products can be accessed by target groups on all digital channels — even beyond that with FOOH, because this is where the craziest ideas can be brought to life.

An example of our 3D DOOH work shows the following example for our customer Brooks Running, a US manufacturer of sports and running equipment:

In contrast to 2D DOOH ads, 3D ads not only increase attention by an average of 15 percent, but also create a realistic, tangible brand experience. This promotes more intensive interaction and achieves higher conversion rates. Customers are not just passive viewers, but also become active participants in a powerful, three-dimensional advertising message. This not only improves advertising activity, but also increases the willingness of your target group to buy.

And this is how it works:
Do you work in marketing? Think about your product or service: Now imagine that you could not only see it, but actually experience it. In the traditional way, the 3D effect works with special glasses, which layer several images on top of each other and thus create a three-dimensional effect. It's different with digital 3D ads — the so-called forced perspective is used to offer a similar multi-sensory experience and create the optical illusion that something is jumping out of the ad. This 3D effect is reinforced by placing the ad in a kind of frame (see example above).

3D ads are revolutionizing the advertising industry through storytelling, realism and interactivity. A particular perspective creates an engaging experience that impresses the viewer and lets them experience the brand or product. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, 3D ads offer optimal visibility. By combining technology and creativity, 3D ads are an exciting, innovative advertising method that upgrades traditional advertising to the next level.

Would you also like to bring your brand into the third dimension? We are looking forward to hearing from you:

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