Illustration of building blocks with the text: The ABCD's to the end of third-party cookies

The ABCD's to the end of third-party cookies

A - What are cookies?

Third party cookies are cookies from other websites that are used to track users online.

B - What are cookies for?

Real-Time Bidding using these third-party cookies enables data providers to target across platforms.

C - What's all the fuss about??

For data protection reasons, Google Chrome has announced that it will block third-party cookies in the future, but this is a challenge for many companies. That means it's the end of recording user profiles and unique user IDs that can connect multiple data points together.

D - What's next?

adlicious has its own technologies to develop tailor-made advertising materials that respect data protection and enable highly effective advertising products without tracking or cookies by using their data for data-driven creatives.

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