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What are the most important marketing trends in 2023?

Of course, the new year also brings new marketing trends, which are currently being hotly debated in the industry. This is going to be an exciting year for advertisers and therefore also for us, of course. We have selected the most relevant topics and summarized them below.

1. Short video content

TikTok's recipe for success with short video content has already proven effective on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. YouTube Shorts already has 30 billion daily views with 1.5 billion users/month, offering new opportunities for marketers and traditional advertising.

2. Influencer marketing

Reach target groups where they spend most of their time: Shopping via social media is still on the rise and influencers are playing an increasingly important role in this. Many followers trust influencers and their product recommendations via live shopping streams, stories, feed posts, or TikToks. In combination, shopping and influencer marketing continue to offer many potential for brands in 2023.

3. Advertising in virtual space

AR and VR can be helpful not only when planning a kitchen, for example. In addition to the in-store use of AR at the point of sale, the use of advertising in virtual space, such as in the metaverse or in-game, can offer marketers new opportunities.


Streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix now offer discounted models with advertising, the use of which continues to increase. Viewers can now watch their favourite shows with advertising blocks for less money. This not only expands the user base of the platforms, but also the potential for marketers.

5. Relevant topics

Content and messages from brands play a major role, especially for Gen Z, the first generation to grow up completely digitally. They value purpose, authenticity and topics such as sustainability. These should also be reflected accordingly in companies and their advertising materials.


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